Having three tracks out which on thorough listening spell and smell of newbie hunger that is says hey; “mess with me” is what Benjee has so far on his resume.

Budding rappers come up almost every day and they are all subjected to the competitive atmosphere of UG Hip Hop.

Benjee is a new talent whose music if you are a listener will find special. He teamed up with  Bagzy on Chill Out and it is pervaded with the synthesized style of production. Which No Hook as well takes up.

What is unique to Benjee is how he makes syllabic rhymes and he has a mind for sound patterning and he even brags about it by accusing: “these ni**as don’t know what a syllable is”

No Hook as it sounds is a straight spit track where he showcases his fresh dexterity on switching up words to make meaning. A sense of novelty might be felt but he definitely bosses the  boom bop beat.

We hope to hear more from him, for now listen to Chill Out and No Hook

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