NSIMBI Music (GNL and Bae) to release self titled album

NSIMBI Music (GNL and Bae) to release self titled album

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Alot of provocation has been directed towards GNL in the past years and last few months – of whether he retired or has he something to deliver? He somewhat didn’t give direct responses.

News reached us that GNL is set to release new music with Miriam Tamar as a band called NSIMBI. The band according to GNL will release a self titled album, NSIMBI on June 22.

NSIMBI on Twitter

Having released the Vibranium Freestyle most of his fans were grateful for the performance. It is now officially clear that the self proclaimed Caesar is back and for any clarification the band’s and his Twitter are giving us hints.

Stay tuned, for now listen to the Vibranium Freestyle below:

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