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Mickey So-Low the half of the RnHop  (a blend of RnB and Hip Hop) group Paid In Full has been on the move since 2015 trying to establish himself as a rapper to check out. He has done this along side his college Felipe and together with N T M. Last year he had a number of singles released and he announced; that he is working on an Ep. Mickey So Low is among the outstanding rappers from Ntinda Movement, and Paid In Full part one, simply does justify the presupposition.

I am the same boy back in Ntinda View/

On your radio, Tele-Vees killing Interviews/

Paid In Full is produced by the gifted Sliq Teq at Dizzy Dust records, this is Mickey So-Low’s 2nd single off the Last Breed EP. After releasing Last Breed visuals, Mickey So-Low gives us P I F-part one as an appreciation song to his fans and his haters or rather shunning bad energy. The song is inspired by the code his crew lives by, doing what you can and get paid entirely (having your work recognized for it’s worth)


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