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Wake Up Text
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Wake Up is  glamorously colorful giving it a dreamy effect resonating with the story at hand. Set in various places like the Nile and other unnamed locations in Uganda. Its is a tale of a failing relationship that has no grounds of continuing. He stars as a Boda Boda Guy who whose relationship with this one beautiful girl is dreamy or embedded in absurd illusion. Nothing is going to come out of it even when they have a supposed good time, baungee jumping and touring.

Wake Up    Wake Up Wake Up Text

George chose to shoot the video in Uganda and a story highly relate-able to any lay man not as expected. Colour and beauty pervade this one with nostalgic but dreamy dissolving shots just to echo the message in Wake Up.  The video has  echoes of a Cinderella storyline only that of course from male’s perspective because the good time George has  a limited time stamp for each event.

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