Pryce Teeba has teamed up with Shan and Kutcha Ruffin on the Blinded Beats produced “Lighter”. The reggae inspired project comes off in celebration of 420 (April 20th) as a world known day for marijuana. Both users and none users join together globally to talk and tell tales about the plant.

In the same fashion as artistes all over the world, Pryce Teeba, Shan and Kutcha have released “Lighter” as part of the 1971 “420” tradition. Besides the talk of “lighting up” they speak of chasing bad energy.

For years globally, marijuana has been looked at a drug and criminalized by different countries. In USA some states recognize and have legalized the usage. Many mixed reactions have always been displayed about the “herb”. In Uganda for you to grow marijuana you have to seek a license to do so and with the intention of medicine production. It is said it has medicinal purposes and others will argue that it doesn’t.

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What do you think of Hip Hop’s relationship with marijuana?

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