Rad Ney releases ‘Let It Out’ off forthcoming album

Rad Ney releases ‘Let It Out’ off forthcoming album

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Let it out is total experimentation piece influenced by Radney’s hip hop,  soul and inspirational sonics background. He once revealed this on The NuveyLive Podcast: Hip Hop Uganda Live, Episode 7.

After working with Ruyonga on Clique; the Hidden Empire artist has bounced back with a highly polarizing sound. Let it Out is an extreme blend of pop sounds,  melody, EDM and a hip hop minimalist approach. Radney roughly has about two to three bars. He offers spiritual empowerment as he sings: Whenever you down down down let it out. 

The song as an experimental project still manages to convey his intended message: therapy! This is a glimpse to his full length direction.

This is likely a move to win and vibe with popular sounds to secure more listening for him. Gamit of Titanum Rekords got his hands around this joint saturating it with chipmunk chops of Radney’s very vocals.

Is he damning down ? that will be left to you. Our speculation of his forthcoming album –  is likely of him offering variety and experimentation. Listen / download the song below:


[download id=”3547″]

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