St Nelly Sade offered 5M for a response to Mulekwa’s diss song – this isn’t making Sense…

St Nelly Sade  offered 5M for a response to Mulekwa’s diss song – this isn’t making Sense…

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Just a while ago sugar prices rose to ridiculous price of 7K UG Shillings and by the time you are reading this its at a fairly 5k UG shillings. One may wonder why the sugar prices reference?

Who offers 5M just to have a response to a diss song? Who has money for just one  track in response to another? Wait who is this person any way? It just doesn’t make sense at all. Or may it does. On his Facebook and Twitter platforms St Nelly Sade revealed snap shots of a concealed account of A Facebook user who offered him 5 million Ugandan shillings to respond.

Take a breath! Katandika butandisi  (Its just getting started)

The move by this annonymous person leaves many wondering: what does the person stand to gain? What is the clear motive. That being said according to the investigation by the Tribe UG the account was intercepted and it was belonging to a “former” St Nelly Sade fan. The isinuation is this whole thing seems staged.  It feels like St Nelly Sade offered himself the money or his camp is involved.

What was he suggesting?

However, the person who blurred out the names in the screenshots didn’t do a great job. We easily put the name of the account together which is ‘Mimsha Marie’ and so we scrolled through the account to try figuring out who is offering UGX. 5M? Who is this person that has added a cash incentive to this beef and what do they stand to gain?

As we scrolled through the account we found that the account has been sharing St. Nelly Sade content from all the way back to as far as 2013 and nothing by Mulekwa. All this shared content was in support of Nellysade and nothing at all about Mulekwa’s works. This left us wondering what’s the motive behind all this? Someone doesn’t just go from being a “Proud to be Nelly’s fan” to offering UGX 5M in this hard biting economy intead in favor of Mulekwa.

The Tribe UG

Mulekwa’s diss track has taken months before it would be released and one may think it is the perfect time to throw shots. The perfect time to escalate Mulekwa into the conversation. St Nelly Sade has simply maintained ” Spread Love not Hate” stance offering no acknowledgement of the allegations and his stand.

The Beef for now seems to be one sided, seems like the snapshot added more theater to it. Why would a person fuel beef still being seasoned and yet emcees have projects that few support?

If you didn’t listen to Abaana Bano Diss Track Here it is.  [ DOWNLOAD LINK ]

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