Ghetto Film Project to Host 1st ‘Ghetto Youth Art Expo’ on 9 June

Ghetto Film Project to Host  1st ‘Ghetto Youth Art Expo’ on 9 June

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The Ghetto Film Project has been a vibrant cause that fosters to expose youth to various art forms like poetry, hip hop (especially rap and beat boxing), photography and more. This initiative was started about 3 years ago inspired by George Stanley Nsamba’s life and come up. He is apparently the Executive director among many other roles. The Projects’ activities take place in Naguru – Katali, Kampala and a number of rap acts, poetry acts and other volunteers participate in improving about 50 young boys and girls lives’.

Mr Nsamba took to his Facebook account earlier today to break now what him and the Ghetto Film Project are up to. It is The Ghetto Youth Art Expo that he revealed that will happen annually. This initiative powered The Ghetto Film Project and Destiny Friends International. The Theme this year is: LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL. Participation is free and a lot of talent showcases will happen ranging from Rapping, beat boxing, painting and photography.

It being heroes day the more impact this project aims at coincidentally this year. Entrance is FREE  and the event will run  from 10am to 10pm at Naguru Katali Primary School.

His Post:


The most asked question to me after the Time Irreversible premiere has always been; “what are you working on” and my answer has always been “there is something unique we are cooking”

Ladies and Gentlemen and members of the jury, i here by present my evidence for the crime of creativity im convicted of and i plea guilty.

The first annual youth art expo dubbed The Ghetto Youth Art Expo organized by The Ghetto Film Project in association with Destiny Friends International is a platform for youth showcasing various forms of art with a goal of liberating society. This year under the theme LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL, we have 40 youths and kids showcasing various arts including Painting,Photography,Fine art,Rap,Bboy,Graffiti, Beatboxing,Poetry,Spoken word,Singing among other forms of art.

Some of the acts include Poetry,Spoken word and rap – Nelly-sade Saint | Edwin Ruyonga | Kawooya Malcolmx | Oloo Jonathan Tyler | A’stah Tabitha Malaika | ShaRown Eryenyu VII | Heroyalhighnes Emiru among others, Photography – Simon Elly | Katuramu Curtis | Miriam Esther Namubiru | Amate Angela | Lukas Alda | Tannya among others, Painters – Sponk Xvi | Kiggundu Rawdney | Ssekitto Kalule Emmanuel | Odur Rhonniemars | Godwin Namuyimba | Shaba Arts ,Beatboxing – Azeuflos Andre | Rogers Robustar and 5 girls of The Ghetto Film Project among others

The date is 9th June which happens to be Hero’s day and so we shall be appreciating the hero’s in our lives through the various art forms.

Entrance is FREE is its always been with us from 10am to 10pm at Naguru Katali Primary School.

Join us as we celebrate art.

The Ghetto Film Project
Film meets society

All the best to the Ghetto Film Project and Destiny Friends International.

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