SP drops Flexin’ – he is a new Kid on the block

I don’t wanna flex with no body! are the first lines you hear from the 20 year old SP. He directly opens the song with a  sloppy but infecting chorus. He acknowledges how fresh he is on the first verse. What a way to introduce thy self? He is not ready to mess around, with girls, people and the industry.


Kid even sent shots at old heads!

Flexin’ is a statement from the young rapper and his official introduction to the masses. On a beat produced by Arnold of Dizzy Dust; SP shows his open ear and eyes to hip hop. He relates with the current events and pays to Ntinda’s Pryce Teeba and how he made an impact. In between he acknowledges Benezeri had skill but he quit that ish [music].

By now you should know: SP with Flexin’ he is talking about doing his thing and having the sauce.   Flexin’ is the official single off his forthcoming EP Too Much Sauce. His sound is definitely one to make a break through to the main stream.

He proves to have bars and melody on this one. There is a dramatic beat change on the song that will spin your attention yearning for a little more.



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Article written by NL Staff Writer

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