Rewind Of the Day: Power by GNL Zamba

Power released about three years ago as a single and the first attempt on an animated hiphop video (cartoonised) if there is any other this one was the first attempt. The video simply is in cartoon with a few real still images of GNL and his then team (Big Trill, Mun G)

Am the lord of the ring

I am not a slave am a king

The opening lines of the song reasonate with the fact that he was reigning at that time ad the most valuable hiphop and yet the best Luga-Flow trafficker. He is still one of the most established hiphop artists in the country right now.

Real name Ernest Zamba, GNL became the first Rapper to have a well recieved  commercial Album koi koi and which was possible with the success of his single Soda and the rest that followed. He has two very succesfull albums to his belt including koi koi and Speaking Venarcular.

GNL Zamba – Power :

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