AJO is a Kampala based rapper who released his debut mixtape on 2 February 2015 and Trip is one of the tracks on this tape. Lyrically speaking the delivery of this track (original song  by Drake ft Jhene Aiko) was so on point and yet got less rounds on the stations. It is a listen to kind of track, with lyrical mastery AJO lays down a journey through which we travel into his world.

Birth marks in ma inner brain,

You caught up in that inner lane,

intertwined with the inter-frame hope yo entertained
Am killing rappers like am nicotine,


A number of issues are addreased on his mixtape Rap Music I sing and trip happens to be one of his best tracks on the tape. The Kamikaze singer has a project coming soon named No Apologies.

Am bout to make em weep for ya, weep for ya
Stripes like Tyre marks and that’s a whip for ya
Seven dead rappers niga that’s a week for ya
Innie Minnie moe and am role playing SAW!!

Here is Trip


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