Rey Macc is turning Fridays into music F-REY-Days

Rey Macc is turning Fridays into music F-REY-Days

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Rey Macc is talented, that we won’t discuss today at length. The singer, writer, rapper and producer is consistently working. The Trendsetters member, founder and affiliate has given us more than enough music than we asked for. The creative literally puts out music almost every month. He has done this almost for two years.

Rey Macc has varous youtube series for producers and artistes. F-REY-Days is his latest. He is dropping new music every Friday. He has had this happening for a month now.

This feat allows Rey to explore all foams (forms) of his creative. He goes from Afro pop meets, Afro beats, RnB, Hip Hop/Rap and somewhat carving a signature sound for himself. He is exploring and feeding the people so much that his fans ought to have no excuses.

It is interesting to see him pushing the bar higher an effort similar to what Blixxack was doing with his version of a Rap Newsletter.

A this rate we may have an album worth of loosies from Rey Macc. The current releases include; “Mad Vibe Ting (Hips Don’t Lie)” , Mix It (feat Pxdre Jxck), “Good Good”, “The Bigger The Better”, and the newly released “Mad (I Love It)”

Until the next F-Rey-Day: Tap into this playlist to listen to the F-REY-DAYS playlist below:

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