Ruyonga is working on KABALEGA album, hear latest singles

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Ugandan ambassador, Ruyonga is so busy lately and is working on a new album. He came out last week to release two singles to give his fans a taste of the forthcoming album, at the moment with a working title KABALEGA. The two singles “Katrina No Job” and “Jim” are the official first two singles officially released.

Ruyonga is known to many as one of the best to ever bless the mic in Uganda, whose journey dates back to 2000, a pioneer one would say. For years Ruu has been active both in the USA and when he came back home to reconnect with the motherland. The transformation from Krukid to Ruyonga.

For many he is a gospel rapper; often times contemporary in his gospel. The creative, who is working under the Josh SB 360 imprint, often finds away of attracting both Christian hip hop fans and hip hop fans with relatable music. One would argue that he laid a foundation for most Christian based rappers to deliver the gospel whether on a more secular record without a care.

“Katrina No Job” Review here

At the moment Rruu is day and night working on a come back run like the Victory Music, Glory Fire run. it is not as easy as it was six years ago. The rapper has had his fair share of setbacks from fans, media in form insults and boycotts. Take the Elvis Mbonye shoe kissing and Ruu’s remarks likening the prophet to Jesus, and other controversies. The industry keeps evolving; requires consistency, connection with fans. The “Tutuuse” rapper evidently is back on his work mode and slowly will get a grip with these new singles.

“Jim” featuring Zoe Star

“Jim” features Zoe Star performing a reimagined Afrigo Band’s Classic 90’s hit “JIM”. Written by Bond Matsiko, Doreen Niwabine & Edwin Ruyonga Produced by JOSH SB Mixed by JOSH SB Mastered by Herbert Skillz

At the moment we are not certain when the album will eventually be out. Stream new singles above.



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