Sylvester Kabombo has finally released Ziva Muntuuyo album – Stream/Download

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Sylvester Kabombo has finally released his debut album Ziva Muntuuyo to music streaming platforms. The album is his debut compilation album that was released back in 2014 and was only available on Compact Discs. Today 9th July, 2021 it available digitally for all fans to access it on the go via different music stores.

One would think, the continued launches of foreign streaming services in the country could be the reason why he decided to put it out digitally. In an interview last week he hinted on having desired to actually put it out. Read interview here.

Ziva Muntuuyo is a 13 tracks album with features (as reported last week) production work from beat makers and audio producers locally and globally. Such as Skinnie ( Infinit3 Records, Uganda), Eric “Onasis” Omondi (RedSoiLL Productions, Kenya), Nase Avatar (Portbell Drive, Uganda), Koz ‘N Effekt (Uganda), Johannes Kung (Joh Beats, Switzerland), DJ Glue (Indigenous, Belgium), and Abraham Ssekasi, an instrumentalist from Uganda.

This is a re-release of the album and an opportunity to reignite the buzz for the album.

You should know that the rapper, entrepreneur, and events organiser has a whole line behind most of his music and the Ziva Muntuuyo collection of tees is one of the peoples favourite. See his latest partnership with Mau Qreashionz.

Stream the project below or on other platforms here



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