Spiritual references on Baru’s Magdalene ft. Precious

Spiritual references on Baru’s Magdalene ft. Precious

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Poetry is said to be of true divine calling. Beats are poetry. Beats and words are poetry. Baru has become a connoisseur. Magdalene adds up to his taste maker game and sound curation for his projects. On this he teamed up with Precious.

Magdalene is spiritual. It’s human vulnerability put out for us to observe and absorb. Magdalene at it core is not necessarily a hip hop album. Precious has the hip hop edge to her (if you remember “Enough” on Drugs EP), but on here she delivers soulfully over experimental and intentioned trap and rnb beats.

The cover art to this album is a painting of Jesus’ appearance to Magdalene. Biblically Magdalene is a prostitute turned disciple by Jesus Christ. She was given purposes and cleansed. This follows penance. She ideally is a mother or a symbol of forgiveness because of this. Magdalene as an album doesn’t really involve itself in biblical teachings as we know them but rather tap into the symbolic and iconic appeal of Magdalene . The cover art reinforces this idea and level of vulnerability that all humans are susceptible to. We are vulnerable. We deserve a second chance.

On track 4, “Just Like Home” Precious begs not to be left lonely . She knows there’s someone else, but she asks the loved one to stay, because with them it feels just like home. Love often makes us surrender, sacrifice and get lost into it that we are sometimes desperate for love. Our basic humanity is expressed through this painting of Mary Magdalene and the album walks in this very light. There are numerous paints that make impressions of her sanctity.See here

Passion, love, sacrifice pervade the album and the cover art is an appropriate and highly symbolic gesture. Penance in itself is a key element that the album explores a virtue historically alluded to Magdalene. Penance in itself is a key element that the album explores a virtue historically alluded to Magdalene and Precious says: sorry for the timing on “Feelings For You”. She regrets and it hurts that she has made up her mind to leave. She feels the relationship is filled with too much fighting. She still says, “we can do better shot shouldn’t be complicated.”

The track that comes before “Feelings For You” is a slightly bitter but frank woman saying “you don’t know me, you just see me on my music videos.” If Mary Magdalene used her hair to clean Christ’s feet with perfume, who are you? This comes to mind. We shouldn’t judge others. We are just human and therefore it’s sanctifying to say sorry and makes us better humans. This is a message the closure of the album brings out – “Human” seals the deal. We are human.

As Baru told me in a text: …the album comes from a place of vulnerability and acceptance… And there’s no better situation in human history…no one iconic enough to represent that more than Mary Magdalene.

When you are sorry you acknowledge your mistakes and accept that something happened. If you needed to know what’s like listening to the album, this has been a layer based on the artistic allusion to to St. Mary Magdalene.

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