The annual rap up (wrap up of events) is officially out. St. Nelly Sade has dropped the official 2021 edition giving highlights of the previous year. He takes us through the drama, wins and hilarious moments.

“Rap Up 2021” explores the election year, second lockdown, notable rise of Hon. Muhammed Segirinya, Hon. Nabanja’s promised “money”, NBS’s Kayz Kawalya Isaac, Janzi Awards and so much more. The review as usual comes with humour and thought out plot.

St. Nelly-Sade has consistently delivered these musical/rap reviews for over 6 years now and is undoubtedly the most consistent at this sport. Enygma, Pryce Teeba where among the earliest to document events annually.

To stay relevant one has to master delivery otherwise most people would be bored – St. Nelly-Sade is surely hacked it.

Listen below and share your favourite moments 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾


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