The Half Lady Half Beast Episode With Cleo The Sphynx

The Half Lady Half Beast Episode With Cleo The Sphynx

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If You missed the Half Lady Podcast here it is.

We Spoke for a while with her( The Sphynx) , we talked, Eminem, Pryce Teeba, HopSin, AJO, the Good Fellas, Enygma, online Presence and so much more.


NuveySHAWN: I am Nuveyshawn n this is and you are

The SPHYNX: Cleo the sphinx

NuveySHAWN: Ooh Sphinx what does it mean any way. and why The name Sphynx

The SPHYNX: I relate with the name, th sphinx is a mythical feature originating from Greece but also has origins from Egypt. My name Cleo Patra Egypt n my character is kinda’the same. I can be very nice n I can really be very mean to u.

NuveySHAWN: Which hip hop artist do You Relate to from the state?

Lupe Fiasco. “.. I like Lupe coz he is thought provoking..’ She has Eminem on the catalog, In fact she says prefers Slim Shady, who inspired Hop Sin a rapper she also so much is influenced by. She says “ .the only thing I have adopted from Eminem is multi syllable” when asked about Originality.

Her take on if Hip Hop is dead? She says mainstream artists do Simple rhymes to sale. She continues to say there is mainstream which is really good and mainstream that is killing whats good.

You don’t need to dump down to sale out.—The Sphynx

I don’t think u need to dump down to sale out, but there is that one one song, I think mainstream artists still doing it do it. She concludes on the topic saying even her personal friends don’t listen so much to lyrics. That the beats and hook helps so many mainstream rappers and thus many mainstream rappers are about money cars and Hoes, Drugs.

People will always be misunderstood

“Me when I am talking about drugs I don’t mean the real Drugs… when I say I am dope I mean am good

On branding as artist She wishes or simply suggests, to make yo presence felt, “…people don’t take you seriously unless they know  its your staff”  Cleo was open about her thoughts on realities of the Internet. She admits she always tells people not to rely on online presence, when you need to sell something it will be very difficult to get 100 ppl out of the 100 followers, 1000 likes. So online Promo She believes isn’t everything there is a lot to do.

Topics discussed with The Sphynx:

  • People not taking negative criticism well.
  • And people not giving constructive criticism.
  • + people go by the tag line that they are rappers and they’ve never had a song
  • + Enygma is a battle rapper and this guy is a fake and up to now he has never recorded,
  • +Guys(wack emcees) who are not very good think they are very Good.
  • +Pryce is Interesting … some times You Need such… that kind of confidence in this industry.

You guessed right on the last quotes in case you did, we discussed Pryce Teeba’s situation on The Ug Cypher Buzz.

#FEMCEEMONTH| NuveyLive Presents : The SPHYNX | Half Lady Half Beast Part One by Nuveyshawn on Mixcloud

We talked more on her projects and  She revealed : “ I have a mix tape, it’s a mix tape should be dropping this year of cos.. out of house of stone” and she says the material is being recorded and produced. The producers include papa stone / Stone Town and Play01. The mix tape will named Asphyxia which translate to breath taking or suffocation depending on which part of her you have met, that is to say half lady-the breath taking persona and Suffocating when the beast is unleashed.


MENTORS, First Projects and More

She admits  Benny black is her mentor and so is Enygma who pushed her to write and start rhyming all happened in The Hip Hop Family ( a face book group that is constituted of mostly rappers..

The Sphynx mentions  her first tracks at YeGo after being pressed to make the music 3 years ago. Having had an events company that she closed, she chose to retain the name she always related to it. A femcee who listens to Slaughter housefor a while what do you expect, her content goes Raw and since she viewed male rappers as her competition, she adopted a writing style that relates to her shutting out rappers who are weak.

#FEMCEEMONTH| NuveyLive Presents : The SPHYNX | Half Lady Half Beast Part Two by Nuveyshawn on Mixcloud

As a person she likes to stay at the background though rap puts her out there, going through a lot of negativity that made her tougher. This Part of the interview was really so deep as she noted Down her experiences in the industry and how she came up some tracks. The feedback that came with it, as she got overwhelmed by the attention which she says you can’t regulate but have to get used to it. (evidently after super cipher)

Listen and Download All Episode and find out the tracks she has done so far, such as Mukwano, One Mic, and heated Up with The Posse and many more.


  • “I don’t do freestyle but I can free-Type, I can battle…”
  • “That’s why became close with stone town, because me am interested in unknown Talent”
  • “Technically house of stone we are like three signed artists…”
  • “… We want to bring the good fellas back” and more crucial lines listen to the full interview now.

#FEMCEEMONTH| NuveyLive Presents : The SPHYNX | Half Lady Half Beast Part Three by Nuveyshawn on Mixcloud


Part 1

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Part 2

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Part 3

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