The Type of Hip Hop Head NOT to Associate with

The Type of Hip Hop Head NOT to Associate with

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To kick off this article:  I will start my rant with a quote that I picked from entertainment/Hip Hop Blogger at; Segawa Salim  “This thing of hip hop heads is bullshit!” This then is an indicator that on the real I don’t really like the notion either.

The selective few that will love to identify him/her selves here in Uganda are  likely to be synonymous with utter buffoonery and unyielding conspiracy. When I was in my high school I considered my self a hip hop head without even having deeper insight in the genre/culture. At that time of course different definitions were used.

The hip hop head we loved, would be the one actually deeply down for anything hip hop – Slam,  it didn’t matter to us. Because for that matter music meant everything. Without mincing words; I respected every individual that recognized what was hip hop and that, that tended towards it. Regardless where you came from. This whole UG Hip Hop wasn’t even so clear and certain to us – the media coverage was not so convincing. I am certain you feel like I am going away from the narrative that brung you here!

“Ugandans are naturally haters” – Enygma

Back to the matter. We have modern-day hip hop heads who are a generation that had its inception likely around 2010, thanks to digital ink (includes all social media platforms especially the Facebook). People misuse most of the social media platforms due to their lack of gratitude.

This generation of hip hop heads / head still wonder which to use, is deeply rooted in memes (who doesn’t love those?) and quick judgment. Memes are fan if well nailed and having a more genuine statement to them. The time we are living ! a diss song might not have an effect like what a meme would do – so we have to be careful on what a particular meme may entail – if its fallacy we rebuke it!

The world of memes (which rhymes with ‘teams’) is noteworthy for two reasons: it is a worldwide social phenomenon, and memes behave like a mass of infectious flu and cold viruses, traveling from person to person quickly through social media. – Life wire

More still this type of hip hop head is good at instigating divide as a meal just because they are affiliated to, or fans of B and N isn’t their favorite. The issue we would have from these fellows is; they are the type that will complain that their music isn’t featured on certain platforms (its’ likely they are not good or they are assumed to be infectious  stray memes). Or they don’t make an effort to share it.

This HHH (hip hop head[s]), is some times a failed rapper trying to distract progressive individuals and the problem is they don’t even realise their folly. More interested with keeping up appearances and representing sand built teams.

“Made men don’t make statements” – Kevin Gates

The knowledge these HHH’s tend to boast about is subjective or manipulated to favor their amoeba social order. No one can practice all the elements of hip hop but I feel that most of them should first practice one – KNOWLEDGE! Our elders no matter which cloth they were cut from have represented us no matter what they achieved and failed to. If they are going astray we can hold them accountable rather than comment that: so and so isn’t sh*t, this other rapper isn’t building.

For these HHHs it is easy to make a statement – but we all have to know that; “made men don’t make statements” (Get Up on My Level, Kevin Gates). 


The HHHs are not certain with what they should do with their lives likely all the time. Division is their favorite Q and boy they need some sort of school. Enygma once said on Radiocity’s SNMS that, “Ugandans are naturally haters”. HHHs make that more clear and in my book Who Killed Hip Hop? unfortunately I didn’t reference them as HHH’s heads but made it clear that division is a cause for the cultures death. It is true that art is subjective but these hip hop head’s subject is often utter  hype buffoonery! For us who believe in Unity and progress shall keep serving thee:) .

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