Veteran rapper Viboyo Oweyo drops The Rap Up 2022 talks Gravity Omutujju,Dr. Kasenene, BLQ and more

Veteran rapper Viboyo Oweyo drops The Rap Up 2022 talks Gravity Omutujju,Dr. Kasenene, BLQ and more

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It is unquestionable that Viboyo is indeed a great storyteller. His summaries “music rap ups” at the end of every year are always great pieces. Five days ago, Viboyo released his 2022 wrap up on his YouTube channel.

He opens this one letting us know, him and other rap architects are here (back) since the young ones seem not to get it – a jab at Gravity shading tears last year after his October 2022 concert.

Nsubuga Moses popularly known as Viboyo Oweyo (many know him for working with Swangz Avenue and his verses on Nyumbani, Whistle Song, Mr DJ, is also a film maker. He is still carrying on the tradition of the annual reviews commonly known as rap ups.

He has been at it for a decade along the way teaming up with St. Nelly Sade (who also reviews the year) for an episode and also Spyda MC for the 2020 Rap Up to keep the art of story telling alive.

2023 is here and Viboyo has offered a laid back 11 minutes and 13 seconds review produced by himself and Pius Kiddu Juuko at Itals Production. It is a thoroughly accurate review of all the significant events that occurred in 2022, locally and far beyond.

He creatively and wittily explores the political, social and economic events that happened in last year. He did not forget to mention all the shows and events and even the trends; everything that happened last year wasn’t left untouched, even subjects that would have been considered touchy. The beats were catchy too.

Everything about this song was interesting and clearly well thought through and put together. Viboyo is clearly one rapper from the class of 1997 artistes, still intentional with painting pictures with words.

This is his 11th installment: Viboyo deserves his flowers!

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