Silent Depression Short Film was Shot and released about two months ago by Nes Motion Media as it highlights a young Mans frustrations and depressions. Appearances From St Nelly Sade, Agee aka Her Royal Highness and more in the short film.

“Its a Ugandan Short Film,a story of a 20 year old guy feeling so depressed because feels he has come short on his goals but on his journey to self discovery in a crowded city he is up to shock when he discovers it has less to do with him but most to do with the smartphone he holds” Nes Motion Media Published on Jun 20, 2015


AS social media continues to please the young Generation which gets frustrated and become more miserable as technology isn’t everything as regards to social bonding. Having watched the Video you will Realise what our community has become. The voice that tells the story is of Malcom aka Mal X, a Ugandan Rapper.

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