Who Killed Hip Hop? Digital Book comes out 25 August

Who Killed Hip Hop? Digital Book comes out 25 August

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Last year Enygma and Mulekwa blessed us with  Who Killed hip Hop? off  A Few Good Friends Mixtape. And it sparked some good conversation and a thought process for us who cared to do so; re think the genre and the culture in general. Various issues were raised in the song. The different killers of the genre were named and these included the DJ, Rappers, Fans, Media (all the media you can think of TV , radio and others).

The EBook was inspired directly by Who Killed hip Hop?. The views however are to show What is killing Hip Hop! Not to dispute the views of E and Mulekwa- it is to re-emphasize;  as a community  what we can do to lead to the demise  or revival of  the genre. To safe guard and play as custodians (something like it). The notion Hip Hop is dead pervades many but trust we don’t think that way, Hip Hop might be dying if the sources of it’s likely death are not checked.

Who Killed Hip Hop Cover

Who Killed Hip Hop [ EBook] will be available for free download on 27 August for all of you. The Paper Back version is also available for those prefer to have the physical copy of the book. You can order it via Lulu.com ($11. 2 ) The proceeding generated go into supporting this website. The Paper Back wasn’t in the plan so it’s there for a limited time, like a collector’s item.

All effort made is a gesture of re-equipping and contributing to the cultures longevity. Until then I can’t wait to share with you this E Book.

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