6AM In Nairobi By Flex D’Paper (Freestyle)

6AM In Nairobi By Flex D’Paper (Freestyle)

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Needless to add any details to what Flex D’ Paper decided to come back with from Nairobi including Tind Badi Malo he seems to have come back with also a clear perspective and mission. The Navio mentored rapper with his will to be the fresh prince from Kampala slays this one with the mighty touch of Baru. The point of view is what i think Flex needed to have for it has been a while without him releasing new music. He gives us a glimpse of what he has been doing in Nairobi, his circle and team 3:12 which is remarkable.

Please do enjoy with the lyrics below.

Time check 6AM in Nairobi
Still in the smoke zone with bad galz in the lobby
Got two gals on they knees that are ready to blow me
While my gal In kla city texting me that she lonely ..Oooh
Montana thoughts like as though am Tonny
Planning to cash checks from these dudes that owe me
squad ball hard, so they treat us like Kobe
Keeping the circle small we not dealing with phonys .. Noo
Am just being precise
On the 19th floor at the best restaurants
And order foods with names that we can’t pronounce
Then head back to bad broads that we left at the house .. Ouch
This is Ether with a twist of Takeover
Dust to dust with a bit of composure  Location kempiski villa rosa
So bring it on, we strapped I got soldiers
The homey Aeth got me like my uncle Phil
Still, the fresh prince, I got the Will
To Eat up the competition like am having a Meal
So Fellow rappers telling me That wasn’t part of the deal
They tell u lies I bring u facts
I had to expose them mc Kats
Am in the cut VIP am cooling with madtraxx
He told me am a leader so I gotta to play my part
First position while I see them coming last
Winners circle With Cleo at skylux

The Mith told me young homey relax
If u talk about the cash u might get us taxed
I Got Navio on the cell, like nigga just Come thru
The sankara top floor we cooling with bamboo
Talking about rap and we making boss moves
Surrounded by the best, my nigga I can’t lose
Was getting booed am now paid for  Verses
Skooling these dudes am now paid for classes
Got lose screws I burn mics to ashes
Its fire in the booth Charlie sloth would love this (perfect)


I said its fire in the booth Charlie Sloth would love it  (perfect)
We don’t do that backpack rap fam
We don’t do that over here
It’s  bout the numbers fam
RAPAHOLIX on this one
It’s the battalion
Baru Beats on this one

Lyrics Source : Flex D’ Paper

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