Nuba Video

AJO has been making strides that transcend him to a toptier emcee whose mark is yet to be sealed on the Ugandan rap scene and Hip hop generally.

Nuba is his second single off an album that is higgly charged or informed by African sentiments/ Pan Africanist view points and sensations.  2018 seems to be a year for more visuals and as 14 February passes with the release of #MudaalaAshortFilm; AJO will grace us with the official Nuba video.


Still from Nuba video

He went back to Christopher Kobel for the video’s direction. In a presser; Nuba will have it’s video released on 19 February. An early leak of an image from the visual surfaced and leaves us wondering what the final product will pan out to be.

Listen/Download Nuba below:

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