Aethan has been cooking his project: The Aeth Way which is coming to more than three years. Mudaala as a single functioned well upon its release, just like any other track Aethan has dropped under The Aeth Way.

A song that features Aethan on the beat, and rappers Tucker HD, Keko and JB expounds the importance of doing you and letting others do they self. Practically being real to yourself.

Still from Mudaala
A still showing: Aethan and Tucker HD from the film.

A teaser which has been captioned with different words but all limiting us to think of a short film.  The short film according to Talent Africa is done by This is Big City. The 28 minute snippet is swift but articulate in revealing somewhat a story.

Featured in the visual is Aethan, Tucker, JB, Keko, Krump UG’s dance outfit and others. The film noir style of presentation leaves us with one question: What is the story?

MUDAALA, will be released on 14 February. The original track (sound) was  recorded, mixed and mastered by Samurea at the  Talent Africa studios.

Get the audio here

The FOMO has already started let us anticipate.






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