Flex D’Paper’s podcasting debut is an interview with renown athlete Joshua Cheptegei

Flex D’Paper’s  podcasting debut is an interview with renown athlete Joshua Cheptegei

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Here is a pod bro,

We have stories to tell and why not with this media?

To keep the flowers still coming and pushing the champion’s name: Flex D’Paper took it upon himself to go all the way to Kapchowra to visit Joshua Cheptegei – who he also dedicated a song for on his Kampala Boy album (2021)

Flex joins the ever growing list of rappers with podcasts with his new   Konkrete Conversations podcast. For it’s first episode he sat down with Joshua Cheptegei aka Mr. Silverback.  On this episode, Flex takes on a journey into Cheptegei’s hometown of Kapchorwa.

The 26 year old Olympic champion Joshua Cheptegei is a long-distance runner, who currently holds the world record for the 5,000 meters and 10,000 meters feat.

This remarkable feat put him on the world stage and nationally he is looked as a hometown hero for his feat. When talking to Flex D’Paper on the NuveyLive Podcast he opens about wanting to celebrate all Ugandan athletes and above all giving the world champion his flowers when he can smell them.

Now as a podcaster  Flex D’Paper dives deep into Joshua’s life, to his humble beginnings, determination and strive for greatness. We hear stories we might not have heard before like being written off, not being a favourite, aterrible accident and more.

 It is interesting to see Flex D’Paper expanding beyond being a rapper and adds to his expansive list of careers and roles.

Watch Episode below:  

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While in Kapchorwa, Flex went a head to showcase Sipi falls in honour of the sportsman and his hometown by shooting an extended video for “Cheptegei” which originally features Navio, Fik Fameica and Mozelo Kidz.

Watch it here:

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