Premiere: Habiba – St Nelly Sade ft. Ab Kale

Premiere: Habiba – St Nelly Sade ft. Ab Kale

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Habiba is yet another single off St Nelly Sade’s forthcoming third album. On this he features Ab Sale who sings in Swahili and Arabic as St Nelly Sade offers the usual Luga flow.

Nelly Sade’s previous Album, S.O.E had a song called Love Story where things went wrong with the lover; Habiba reminds us of the Nelly Sade of praise on Neighbour (Kankuwaaneko) and the S.O.E Nelly Sade is shoveled.

The track is produced by Yung Jay Basalesale who blends it with Persian inspired drums and other instruments. Nelly Sade is always finding ways to match his sound and content to familiar but border breaking feats.  He name checks Bobi Wine, David Lutalo and other as he praises his loved one Habiba.

Months have passed and there isn’t a comment on the diss-track Mulekwa made a notion that; They can’t Put him down. Nonetheless let us wait for the album likely to drop mid next year.

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