In case you didnot read Chimey’s Message to Mr Silas aka Babaluku

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Many times young artists get through so many challanges such as exploitation, abuse and related evils. In most cases as a result of them exchanging their spiritual, emotional and physical self so that they could achieve success as artists. With hiphop this (as regards the evils) has really never been something thought of or manifested because the community is filled with love.


Last week Thursday, Dec 11 Buka chimey shared with the world his pain and possible trauma that he might have gone through under Babaluku ( in his hands under Bavubaka foundation) The issues are centered around exploitation, possible stealing and owning of Bantu Clan ideas. The lengthy message  covers Chimey’s experience and  why Bantu clan is’nt so functional matter of fact they (Bantu Clan /Chimey) don’t want to have any thing to do with him.

The final remark is interestingly a humble and quite touching one.


He is grateful for the good things that where done for him.

As NuveyLive we are glad that an Emcee was able to open up to address what he felt and what he thought wasnt right. I mean the message is clear no abusive address just a humbled emcee expressing- isnt hiphop about freedom of expression?
And this should be a lesson to the world wether it did or didnot happen, always say out something that is really pressing and wrong for your health, spiritual,economical(even though the money is good but is it the right way you are getting it)and social being.


It should however be noted that Babaluku Says it never happened.
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One thought on “In case you didnot read Chimey’s Message to Mr Silas aka Babaluku

  1. Babaluku mufele nyo!! His a con man who takes advantage of poor youth in the name of charity! What a heartless man! The world needs to know.

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