Kijanah tells a ‘Boda Boda’ tale on new track

Kijanah tells a ‘Boda Boda’ tale on new track

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Kijanah is working on his Nva Mu Ghetto Mixtape and for a while has been releasing singles off it. ‘Boda Boda’ is the latest release; a tale of his experience with this one Nasereko.

We all use Boda Bodas for different reasons, on this track Kijanah shares various moments when he used the East African popular means of transport to meet a lady. Even though she turns him down, he says he managed to reach her thanks to the Boda boda in due time.

At this point, with every release from Kijanah we get a a taste of what is coming. We so far have listened to ‘Nkikozze‘, ‘Egwanga‘, and now ‘Boda Boda’. Kijanah is testing the rap waters and it is going great for him.

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