POEM: GONE DAYS-Kiiza Stephen

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He stood amidst his compound
Infront of  his grass thatched house
His palm on his skull
stared at the beautiful plains
overlooking his residence
“karagwe” he cried with a voice of agony.

Once we sat together as a family
We had vowed to share  whatever we had
we consoled our comrades in dilema
Our wives journeyed together for kwahira- Yes they did…
Men met in centres and storied one or two.

Once,our daughters had descent marriages
With men who knew their ways…
Tears of joy they made on their way to a new home…
Proud to be virgins-they were…

Great evenings when herdsmen made it home
The Gicaniro with a good scent made the cows joyous
The smoke went high and
God received it -yes He did…
Kiroko used to come before the others

Time for milking was owesome
Young boys bent low in the cows’ legs
Old men watched over the activity with a serious eye
muddy and smelly they came back but contented-yes they did… 

Evening chants by the young
Outside under the grim dim light of the moon
The crowd made by the  young attracted the aged-yes it did!

The old man turned to enter his hut,looked at the audience disillussioned
     ” t h o s e
were our days before it
     h a p p e n e d . . .”

By Kiiza Stephen

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