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The whole of this year i have devoted my self to exploring a number of projects that can help push Ugandan HipHop to a very infectious level where nobody can avoid the genre.

I MUST say I spear-headed certainly the first Ugandan HipHop podcast(if there is any out, they were inspired) HipHop Uganda Live Show had about 13 episodes and well many issues were explored. I interviewed artists like St Nelly Sade, Lyrical G and more. You can visit the Podcast page to Download.

Podcast will resume in another season soon

That said you may wonder whats up my sleeve and my teams’!. COMICS!!!!!Art always has a purpose. So what if there is an artistic well laid Comic that bases on the many stories told by these rappers. Or even on the hip hop culture within the country.

The intention of course would be to entertain children and even adults and thus in away promoting their interest into reading due to the growing love for the genre. This visual art is promising in the modern world if tech and so we could rely on it to improve our children’s and community’s literacy.


Of course it wont be easy to set up the stories and also get the perfect  clear ideas for the comics , some research will be done. For any one interested in developing this further you can leave a message. As NuveyLIVE we have hope of releasing a short Comic book which is underway.

Entertainment derived from written materials contributes to many children’s literal abilities.

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