LYN101: Why isn’t poetry so much consumed by People?

LYN101: Why isn’t poetry so much consumed by People?

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Poetry is a form of literature that uses rhythmic qualities of language to evoke meanings in addition in place of the prosaic ostensible meaning. Poetry or its devices reflect so much in many songs out there, and hip hop music and poetry share similar qualities often. Many rappers employ poetic devices such as imagery to deliver their messages. It’s a class of literature consisting of  poems in different forms such as sonnets, Lyric, free verse and more. William Wordsworth has it as the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings.(preface to lyrical Ballads)

Poetry can be differentiated according to Genres:

  • -epic
  • -comic
  • -tragic

First things first, before one consumes, appreciates Something, they have to love it, be exposed to it, inspired to/ by it, it has to have an effect (positively). People are not supposed to be forced to like, love, appreciate something Just like a Rose azalea( flower), it has to come about naturally.
A case in point is one cannot fall for someone they do not know, it has to be someone they have known for quite a while not just out of the blue.
Same goes for poetry, i would not love it for anything if am not exposed just as early. True!, people learn too but if they are inspired and informed about what they are missing, only then can they give an ear/eye. It is passion that drives someone to do something, just like reading, writing anything poetic or to do with poetry. It comes about naturally!
An all time saying “You cannot have everything” so does it apply “you cannot love everything.”  & “One man’s meat is another mans poison.”

So why is poetry not so much consumed by people?

It Has a lot  to do with the passion, love, drive, will, exposure, Education. People love music, why dont they go to clubs just like others do… simple “choice” reverse that.

  • Exposure: if one is not exposed as earlier to anything(Poetry) , one wont turn 90 for them to love it, the earlier the better. If people were really exposed to poetry and encouraged to like it as early as possible (about 7 years), chances are so high they decide on whether or not to follow or go for it, One learns, appreciates, loves, and supports if they are exposed. The world we live in today is “money minded”, people care so much to know whether or not a penny would be thrown in their pants after relating with an art form like poetry. Question in point “Why waste my ink, strain my eyes, after all their is  no benefit” This is where principality calls for Principles count here.
  • Education too plays a major role. Some people are lucky to be taught poetry in schools, if others don’t get the same chance, t counts y they don’t consume poetry even after school. Talk about the topics to be covered “mob or small” to others it counts, some don’t like reading long pieces of work.
  • laziness. Some people are just lazy when it comes  to reading, naturally people don’t really hope to read long pieces. Minor as it may seem, poetry is not consumed because some poems are such a bore, ” yes, like others may say, one mans meat……” So why would  they continue appreciating poetry if what they read was a bore to them. At least that’s what they think.

NOTE: Poetry centuries ago was performed in front of audiences and it was more of a listening part than it is right now. The influences of education sort of limited it to the written form which to many “its a bore”.

There are few poetry nights in the country, but the few that take place happen at Uganda National theater, Gatto Matto, and other places.

CONNECT WITH US: Send us a poem today, written or recited in audio or video we will review it and share it.

Article by: Lyn Mugisha Originally Posted on our old Blog


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