Seven places to find music collaborators [Landr]

Seven places to find music collaborators [Landr]

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A while ago we shared the need for artist collaboration, producer-artist, and other different ways or forms of collaboration.

As I was further checking for opinions online I landed on one article from Landr the original title is 8 Ways to Make Your Music Collaboration a Success reading through it I discovered an interesting way in which artists can find potential collaborators.

To be honest I have collaborated with some individuals by tapping into some of these ways like Facebook, at shows and other online platforms.

Below is the list extracted from Landr on how to get and meet potential collaborators.

  1. Look on SoundCloud and contact people whose music you like
  2. Go to shows in your city and make connections in your local scene
  3. Play shows – people will be more inclined to ask to collaborate if they hear you live
  4. Find Facebook Groups in your area and get involved
  5. Get involved in online music forums, many of which have official feedback threads where artists can post their music and get feedback.
  6. Ask your local university if you can put an ad in the music department (you never know!)
  7. Share your tracks with people already in your network and ask if they know anyone else who might be able to help

This article is extracted from Landr, click here to read the entire article.

I found it necessary to share the various ways to find collaborators and if you didnt read Why it is important to collaborate, click  here.

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