Wave is track number three  off Ill Gee’s  fourth  studio album Odyssey. The visual is directed by  P Sozi of Soo Fresh Entertainment. 
Ill Gee has dropped several projects here and there including Bar Code EP and Funk Animal which we featured on our Hip Independence playlist 2017.
Ill Gee raps of an experience with a girl who questions his sobriety; he is about that life and fun. The video is so basic and somewhat cryptic with a green masked person main gestures and moves.
She says you are kinder like  never sober
Wave lately is more like a slang for trend. Montages of a puma, bird, man on a bicycle carriage and masked man in a car make the video a little detached. Similar to the song’s notion, his girl and other people don’t get him and he is living extreme in away having fun.
Watch Below:

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