Another Way to Promote Ugandan Hip Hop: GET the ‘I DIG UG HIPHOP!’ Sticker Today

Another Way to Promote Ugandan Hip Hop: GET the ‘I DIG UG HIPHOP!’ Sticker Today

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On Nov 21 Dope Music organized the #HipHopInvitational night at Club Gabiro, Bugolobi to celebrate Ugandan Hip Hop and well it was a success despite certain hindrances. Whats a wedding without a hater? Whats a funeral without a joke? Please help Me  don’t think of The death of Hip Hop!

Prior to that night NuveyLIVE got together to come up with the ‘I DIG UG HIPHOP’ as an initiative to promote the culture and genre at large. We made over 150 stickers and sold 50 that night and the rest were bought the days that followed  after the event. At Gabiro Cleo The Sphynx (House Ov Stone) of course took home one for herself, AJO (Clean Block Music) and Nase Avatar together with SHEMBY B  both from Port Bell Drive Music. We are very grateful for that. And shout outs to Andre Atiku (Dope Music) who made it possible for us.


Sticker now @1500/= Ushs


We are glad to inform you we have more stickers available for you to get your hands on at only 1500 Ush. Its a laughable price right? BUT the effect is greater! When you see the illustrations they are in away showing UNITY among ALL sub genres of hip hop, regions and all together the communities. Our aim in other words was to promote that and personally  I was amazed by this creation.

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