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Who would have thought?- Babaluku calls Sylvester and Abramz the wackiest emcees EVER

December 14, 2015


Who would have thought?-Babaluku calls Sylvester and Abramz the wackest emcees EVER

Last weekend Babaluku aka SIlas Balabyekkubo was hosted on Touch Fm’s HipHop show by @SoSevere [every Saturday from 6-8pm] and well he had plenty to say (for lack of a better word) , from a comment on Who killed HipHop?, and the issues of the alledged beef on Sylvester and Abramz and then to Chimey.

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The talk stemed from Abramz’s Twakugudemu which he made fun of and technically called him chicken. For a long time we were (infact still) wondering who the song by Abramz was addressed to, but with Babaluku’s response you would think it was addressed to him. In his opinion he said for a good Diss-song, you need to address a name to it and he maintained  that Twakugudemu is subliminal but still unclear as a diss song.

Is Mr Silas saying Abramz is a coward on the mic?


I am no charity Joint, … dude is chicken…am not callin him out i just wanna let him know

Its is interesting how he says, to prove he is good at his mic game  he would face Abramz and his whole team. “Five of his guys” Give him his beats as Abrams does the same and they do new albums on the other persons beats.

Part one of the interview Below;

NOTE:Part one was centered around issues that are not much connected to the remarks he made about the artists in question. Like rapping in native languages and his thoughts on who killed hiphop