Should you release music now in this COVID19 situation

Should you release music now in this COVID19 situation

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Corona Virus aka COVID19 is upon us and it is important to stay safe. Wash your hands regularly and keep a distance. Social distance is important, even though it will seem antisocial as HE president Museveni said. For the rappers it means no hanging out in clubs or bars. If you make daily or weekly income from these places, you as per the lockdown shouldn’t be found there.

Many artists might have had projects they hoped to release around this time but are likely to hold on to them. Earlier on in February The Mith was teasing a new album and I am sure is waiting for the COVID19 situation to normalize. Art can be consumed at any time and we shouldn’t have control over a person’s creativity, but if a person knows the music business it is important to rethink about releasing music.

Should artists release music ?

The answer is Yes and also a painful no. I think the music to be released should fit the time right now. People are depressed and it’s important they get hope from the music than more depression. Therefore the music should not really be so detached from our situation. I have seen Da Agent and Felista drop tracks that are more of sensitisation pieces and that’s okay. It keeps the fans engaged and feel cared for. The artist also doesn’t sweat so much to push the song, it will speak for itself. For whoever expects to release their next magnum opus at this time it is almost unbelievable if you do.

Artists like Big Tril are going in studio to make music for the next wave and becoming full-time Tik Tok UG content creators. Maybe rappers should just create funny videos and clips that give hope. Releasing music right now can have negative financial implications. For up and coming acts this isn’t the time unless your next song is titled Corona. It’s not safe. Stick to social media-ring.

It’s true many people are home and are likely to use the internet but some of your fans might not be able to afford the internet with the need to feed themselves. It’s a confusing situation.

We urge you to stay safe, at the end of the day your life is important.

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